It started with an electronic beat
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Groove epidemic is project between Mr.DeVo! and Ben Nie Te Vreden.

It's a project with a lot of tribal music.

It's a mixture of Electro, Tribal-music, Jazz, Techno and House music.

Viral Implications new album "This Is Why I Left You" is out now on Tanzmusic.

Dark and industrial. Yes, that's Viral Implications.

Slowly building to its climax.

The music: dark-ambient, drone-based industrial music, acoustic with percussion and drums and experimental.

Produced by Notorious Twins, Henk.

You can download it here

This compilation is compiled by Kodjax.

He made a fine selection of the nicest & finest acid tracks from the back catalogue of Tanzmusic.

Enjoy the ride.

Artwork by GDJ and Wiebe

You can download it here

New Ep From Practitune "Alklijdak" is out now on Tanzmusic.

This is Practitune's second release on Tanzmusic.

The music is a melting-pot of all kinds of music styles. It grabs you by the throat, slaps you in the face, kicking you're butt.

It's all about the music and Practitune likes it hard and rough.

Produced by Mr.DeVo!

You can download it here