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Here's not here debut EP "Don't forget to smile" is out now on Tanzmusic.

Here's not here is project between Mr.DeVo! and Little Skittle both live in Sneek (The Netherlands)

Back to the basics.

Their musicstyle: techno & acid.

This album is their debut EP.

Produced by Mr.DeVo!

You can download it here

Spoiled Egg's new album "Shake well before use" is out now on Tanzmusic.

The music is monotone-techno-industrial related electronic music.

This is their third release on Tanzmusic.

It's very eclectic.

You can download it here

Mr.DeVo!'s new album "Angry nerds" is out now on Tanzmusic.

An album with a lot of statements.

Nice techno music with a bite and a flavour of old skool house and acid.

The music can blow up your speakers.

You can download it here

Tramrail is founded in 2008.

Tramrail is a project between Kleikop, born in Holland, nowadays living in Dortmund (Germany) and Mr.Devo!

Their music: Wild rhythms with fat basses. It's Tech-House that kicks your ass.


Zijspoor [ONMP108][2008]

Su mut it mar[ONMP149][2010]