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A new acid compilation is out now on Tanzmusic.

Compiled by Kodjax.

Enjoy the acid ride.

You can download it here

Tramrail's album  "Spiritus Saponatus" is out now on Tanzmusic.

It's their first release on Tanzmusic.

Tramrail is a project between Kleikop, born in Holland, nowadays living in Dortmund (Germany) and Mr.Devo!

Their music: Wild rhythms with fat basses.

It's Tech-House that kicks your ass.

You can download it here

Summertime is here again with this new Tanzmusic release.

On these album "Let's lounge & dance" you can relax and dance on some smooth tunes.

Get that summer feeling on a lazy afternoon on the beach.

So just relax and do a little dance.

Looking for the soundtrack to your summer?

Here It Is!

Enjoy it!

You can download it here

Straight Component's album "The early works" is out now on Tanzmusic.

A long long time ago Straight Component made experimental electronic music.

Back to the basics.

Nowadays they make trance, hardhouse music.

So enjoy the early works of Straight Component.

Musicstyle: Techno, acid, darkwave, electro

You can download it here