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Bio Oilboy's aftersun


Oilboy's Aftersun is formed somewhere in 2004 by O.Boy, J.Surrealsm.

They live in Sneek, The Netherlands


Their goal: making people happy with their music

The music: disco-club-samba-tribal


The music is a mixture of fine deephouse, disco-house with latin beats and percussion.

Summertime is here again.

Play it loud.

Dance 'till you drop.


Discography: Oil boiled fantasies[ONMP037][2006]

Dream sun[ONMP054][2007]

After 8[ONMP075][2007]

Can't sleep this night[ONMP090][2008]

Just press play[ONMP114][2009]

Let the music speak for itself[ONMP122][2009]


Disco im Keller[ONMP177][2011]

Rain in paradise[ONMP204][2012]

All albums above were released on ON-Mix music.

The Cat is out of the bag[TAMU009][2016]

If you can't handle the truth, face it[TAMU012][2016]

Fiesta Tribal[TAMU048][2017]

Nothing to lose[TAMU064][2018]