It started with an electronic beat
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Bio Practitune

How confused could a man be?

Practitune proves that he is very confused.

Is this the way he's facing the world?

No, he's just playing with it.

His music is a melting-pot of all kinds of music styles: Big Beat, Electroclash, techno, crossover, etc.

It's a steamy hot mixture, grabs you by the throat, slaps you in the face, kicking you're butt.

Sometimes with a critical and a sarcastic note.


Nur Spielerei[ONMP027][2005]


Practitune vs Mr.DAM-Q-Tips & Screws[ONMP045][2006]

Noys 4 boys[ONMP077][2007]


Junkyard soul[ONMP136][2009]

Some kind of Best of[ONMP144][2010]

Naked plastic[ONMP178][2011]


All released on ON-Mix music