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Bio Zero V

Zero V, known as Henk van der Duim, has been a busy producer since 2005 when his first release came out on on-mix.com.

His music ranges between soul, ambient, jazz and chillout and often brings it all together.

Zero V uses instruments and sounds to create his own emotive ambient music.

This music is not for every taste, but fans of Zero V and ambient & jazz music will find this to be a treat. Working with a guitar loop and layers of synths and some detuned drums, he creates a wonderfull piece of music.


Songs of Parting[ONMP024][2005] 

Sequenced Synthesis[ONMP032][2006] 

Agree to disagree(an index of possibilities)[ONMP039][2006]

The hard changing of the seasons[ONMP046][2006] 


LA Riot[ONMP065][2007]

Travelling(A collection)[ONMP071][2007] 

Fluidity[ONMP129][2009] Freaky and Funky[ONMP158][2010]

Conflict Of Emotions[ONMP181][2011]

Elysian Fields[ONMP228][2013]

All released on ON-Mix music